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Spike Milligan on Michael Parkinson BBC TV Show 1973 Press Photo

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ORIGINAL 9" x 7" VINTAGE PRESS PHOTO FROM THE SPIKE MILLIGAN TV TIMES ARCHIVES - chau2669 - This listing forms part of the TV Times Spike Milligan original television photo collection - Each large press photograph is the rare original master directly from the vaults of TV Times magazine - This TV photo shows Spike Milligan on the Parkinson BBC TV show on 13th January 1973 - The reverse has its full press notations and hallmarks from its original publishing by TV Times in 1973 which you can view on image 2 (please contact us if the reverse scan not showing) - Condition is lightly aged with press markings and mild surface etc (the latter only visible if held to light) but very good (and allowing mostly great) condition (vg+ grading) - Please browse this entire Spike Milligan press collection from his ITV broadcasting career at our store, & view all descriptions, quality gradings, photo history and reverse information. Get free postage on any additional selections.
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