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Spike Milligan Burning A Fur Coat For WWF 1970 Press Photo

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ORIGINAL 10" x 8" VINTAGE PRESS PHOTO FROM THE SPIKE MILLIGAN TV TIMES ARCHIVES - chau2675 - This listing forms part of the TV Times Spike Milligan original television photo collection - Each large press photograph is the rare original master directly from the vaults of TV Times magazine - This photo is from 10th February 1970 and called Fired With Enthusiasm - It shows Spike Milligan burning a valuable fur coat in London and replacing it for the owner with a simulated fur coat - It explains how he did this to raise money for the WWF and also details his earlier visit to Buckingham Palace that day to leave his record for The Price Of Wales to listen to - The reverse has its full press notations and hallmarks from when originally published by TV Times which you can view on image 2 (please contact us if the reverse scan not showing) - Condition bar very light surface places is great - Please browse this entire Spike Milligan press collection from his ITV broadcasting career at our store, & view all descriptions, quality gradings, photo history and reverse information. Get free postage on any additional selections.
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